New and Improved GridMaster Map

[UPDATE – See end of this post for alternative map with “Rover” and “Sked” addition]

Since March 2018, my original 488-Grid Square Map has been a popular way for amateur radio satellite operators to keep track of grid squares they have worked/confirmed. And, while I have seen many variations, the one that caught my attention and now use for my own personal record keeping, is the modifications made by K7TAB.

Chris has transformed my original map – a manual input, Excel coloring book – into a more sophisticated, semi-automated, GridMaster tracking tool.


The new GridMaster Map, courtesy of K7TAB, contains 4 worksheets:

US Gridmaster: This is the automated reporting work. This worksheet captures inputs from the other worksheets and displays them appropriately on the GridMaster Map. In addition to color coded grid squares and station worked, the legend tabulates totals by type for chasing the GridMaster Award, as well as VUCC. This worksheet is protected. Should you need to modify it, the password is amsat.

Confirmed in LOTW: This worksheet is where you record your LOTW confirmed grids. Simply follow the instructions provided to copy and paste confirmed grids from your LOTW account.

Confirmed by QSL: This worksheet is where you record your grids confirmed by QSL card.

Worked Unconfirmed: This worksheet is where you record grids you have worked, but yet to confirm.

Note – There are hidden features within the Excel workbook that will safeguard against duplicate reporting. As an example, grid CM94 is recorded in as both confirmed by LOTW and QSL; however the map only reports the LOTW confirmation.

A special thanks goes out to Chris, K7TAB, for modifying a map that even I can’t screw up.

Nothing proprietary here, so feel free to use it as you would like. I only hope that it helps you as much as it helps me. Download here: GridMaster_map_mod

[UPDATE] Chris, K7TAB, is at it again.  This time, he has added two additional features to the already popular New and Improved GridMaster Map.  The first is “Sked” tab to post upcoming rover announcements for grids you need, which will post the rover’s call call sign in the grid on the GridMaster Map.  Second is the “Roved” tab, which will highlight grids you have activated in red.  The  “US Gridmaster” tab is protected.  The password is amsat.

488 roving sked map

2 thoughts on “New and Improved GridMaster Map”

  1. Hello Robert,
    I worked a ham in Arizona, who states that he was in DM60. That grid square is missing in the Excel Spreadsheet. Could you please review and UPDATE it if appropriate?
    WB4KTF, Glen


    1. DM60 is clearly in Mexico. As such, it will not color in a grid, as these are only U.S. grids. You should see an increase in the total column.

      FYI – If it was a U.S. call sign you worked, He was not in DM60. Mexico does not allow any foreigners to operate in Mexico at this time.


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